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Writing Well Counts

Please excuse my lack of writing. I have been studying for my upcoming MCCQE Part II exam – the second part for our Canadian general medical license.

However, this time each year, I still take some time out to help friends and acquaintances with medical school applications. Although I no longer know the cutoffs and marking criteria for each medical school, I still help out by proofreading essays for clarity and content.

From the applications this year, and years past, the biggest problem I find is style. It seems that four years of science courses can make a person forget how to write sentences. What I read is often overly complicated and cluttered with cliches. It’s unfortunate because most of the content is better than the form.

Three short pointers to anyone applying this cycle (or in the future)

  1. Read your sentences out loud
  2. Edit ruthlessly
  3. Get someone else to look over your writing

Two books that I highly recommend and refer to frequently


Sorry for coming off as an advertising board – I just edited some horrendous essays.

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