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Waiting to get off work…

I’m sitting here, writing this post mind numbingly counting down the minutes until the end of work. I don’t know why I dislike this job so much. It pays well, it’s relatively easy and I’m in control of what I do during the day. I guess it comes down to several more important factors.

First – my supervisor is uninspiring. He shows up late and does things at a snail’s pace. He has no interest in his work and speaks ambiguously, always fluffing up the words he uses. This is to all you prospective “research” students

Find a good supervisor, boss, PI – You’ve been warned.

Secondly – the job isn’t challenging. Some people like to take it easy and sit around all day, but I can’t stand the boredom. It feels like I’m trapped here, all my brain power and waking hours are being wasted. Even though school is stressful, I always felt deep down that education is an endeavor worth pursuing. Copy and pasting data and making charts that “look” sophisticated, not so much.

Third – A lot of modern day clinical research / publications is just talk and no results. It’s a big disguise. People take a simple problem and flower it with big scientific words, jargon and citations. Instead of saying x-rays or images, they use radiographs. I hope my boss doesn’t read this, but this is an excerpt from a “paper” he is trying to publish.

The standard practice in assessing fracture healing entails a qualitative examination of the digital radiographs.

Translation: Doctors look at X-rays.

Science is supposed to be facts. No detours. No Embellishments. Just a one lined elegant equation. However, in the publish-or-perish atmosphere surrounding all academic institutions and all “research” related fields, there is a high output of crap. Find a lab or environment where real work is done. Where doing something makes a difference.

Well, at least this job allows me the time to write. And writing, refining and sharing our ideas is something worth doing. And it helps pass the time too. Speaking of which, it’s finally time to go home 😀

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