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Tricks for Waking Up #8

Final tip: Get more sleep!

It’s not really a trick or tip but getting more sleep is the real solution to feeling alert in the morning. As a medical student and eventually resident, I’m will have many nights where I won’t have a good night’s sleep. Even now, there are nights where I get only 3-5 hours of sleep and I have to start the next day feeling groggy. At least  when you’re post-call you have the day off, but if you have regular work hours, consistent and sufficient sleep will make or break your day.

Getting more sleep isn’t as simple as going to bed earlier or waking up later. It’s about prioritizing sleep and it’s importance. I’m guilty of foregoing sleep to do a bit more of reading or catch up on some television. I should sleep more. Sleeping is like any other activity we choose. We can choose what we eat and how much. We often don’t give too much thought about our sleeping habits though.

I was sleleping fairly well last month, but I just started a new rotation and find myself needing more hours in the day to do everything. I think I will be cutting back on some hobbies, limiting my internet usage and just getting more sleep. It’s been 9 months of clerkship already. I can see how somehow can get burnt out if they don’t look after themselves.

To all the sleep deprived people out there: “Getting more sleep is a conscious choice you make!” You may need to cutback on activities and responsibilities, but you can’t cutback on sleep. Mother nature gave us three daily needs: Eat, crap and sleep. Make sure those needs are met everyday (having a regular bowel movement everyday is a good thing!)

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