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Tricks for Waking Up #4

As you can tell, I often struggle with getting up in the morning to preround.

Tip #4: Have a evening and morning routine

A little bit of planning goes a long way for making your wake-up ritual a more pleasant one. If you’re a night owl like me, try to prepare all the things you’ll need to do in the morning before you sleep. For me that includes packing my bags, making lunch and having all my clothes laid out. All my important items such as keys, wallet, watch are all collected and in a visible place. Have a morning routine, whether that’s showering to wake you up or checking your emails. The more task oriented your morning is, the more motivation you have to wake up.

Even if you’re an early bird, you’ll find doing all the little errands before you sleep will make it less likely that you’ll forget something in the morning.

It also means you can catch a few more snoozes in the mornings since you won’t be as rushed. And if you ever oversleep (it will happen), you can just wake up, jump into your clothes, grab your stuff and run.

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