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Tis the Admission Season

Amidst the busy third year schedule, I almost forgot that the medical school admission season was well on it’s way. By now, every applicant has submitted their application and they’re all waiting and hoping to land some interviews for the spring.

If you’ve put in your hard work (good GPA, MCAT, activities) and applied to schools within your reach, I am confident you will get a bunch of deserved interviews. However, there are people who haven’t prepared properly who apply to medical school every year too. There is an odd chance that you might get an interview but I wouldn’t put too much hope into it. For the majority of applicants, the admissions committee do a good job of only interviewing the best applicants.

Being on the other side for my third year, I just want to say “getting into medical school isn’t the only thing that matters.” I know it sometimes feels that way, when you’re doing problem sets to keep your GPA up, when you’re studying for that dreaded MCAT and when you’re nervous about getting references and filling out those darned applications with ridiculous essay prompts.

All the other things in your life, your family, friends, hobbies, interests, matter and in the long run make you a better person. It makes you able to relate to others and keeps you motivated for the long road ahead.

I know, easy for me to say now that I’m on the other side, but I’m just passing down the advice I received from the people who have gone before me. Enjoy the journey, the whole process, every bit on the long road ahead. Because even if you have the most optimistic ideals, purest intentions and a heart of gold, there will be days where you feel tired, stressed and “sick” of medicine. It’s at those times that you realize that there are many things more important in your life than your career.

So go do something you enjoy that you haven’t done in a while because you’ve been working too hard towards your “goal”. It just make getting to your goal a bit easier and more enjoyable.

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  1. science girl
    science girl December 2, 2010

    Having applied to med schools this October (for the first time), I’d just like to say, thanks! I’m trying to enjoy this year after having pushed myself really hard to achieve a good gpa/mcat/references/ec’s … hopefully, I’ll be in the position to give the same advice next year 🙂

    • medaholic
      medaholic December 3, 2010

      best of luck. it’s a bit strange because i have to say i know more about admissions now than i ever did, but i just don’t have much interest in it anymore. haha medical school keeps you busy

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