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The Value and Importance of Writing


Most science and engineering students I know went into their respective fields to avoid writing. I was also like them. I disliked writing essays in high school and left assignments until the night before to do. I despised it. I avoided it. Every time I sat in front of a blank document, the words wouldn’t come. I hated writing.

However, the more I continue in life, the more I realize that writing an essential skill you MUST have. Even in the realm of science, people write lab reports, scientific articles and educational material. Doctors spend a good portion of their day writing, dictating, and recording patient information. Effective writing is an absolute must for clear communication.

Though writing is easier to do today then ever, with word processors and online blogs, writing is still hard. Even the best writers are without words at times. Writing is at the top of the language skills domain. When we are babies, we only know how to hear and eventually listen to words. As we grow up, we begin to pronounce words and form sentences and a little afterwards, we are able to recognize letters and read books. At the top of this hierarchy is writing. Before we are able to communicate what we want to say in writing, we must learn a whole assortment of skills and tricks such as spelling, punctuation and grammar. Even when we have these basic mechanics down, you encounter tenses, vocabulary and diction. Representing an idea with clarity becomes a carefully coordinated task.

My primary purpose of writing this blog to create content that can be of value to someone. I am trying to help readers by providing information they can use. But as a secondary purpose, this blog also allows me to sharpen my writing and in turn my thinking. Writing down our thoughts help clarify our ideas and enable us to revise them. We can prune our arguments to make them stronger and devoid of mistakes.

The MCAT has a essay section where test takers will write two short essays on a given topic. I used to think this section was pointless and irrelevant to the field of medicine. But the more I write, the more I know how necessary it is. Good writers are good communicators and in the field of medicine where one small misinterpretation can lead to a death, I’m glad the MCAT has an essay passage.

[To be Continued and Expanded: I have too much write about on the topic of writing]

The Pen is Mighter than the Sword – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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  1. S.A.B
    S.A.B October 4, 2011

    A great way to improve writing, is reading. Reading different types of books, ranging from classical fiction to political non-fiction, really helps one to see the various styles and tones of writing.

    I used to dislike writing as well, until I discovered the joy of reading, and now love to write essays about topics that interest me or those topics which I feel passionate about.

    I only wish ,as a science major, I had greater opportunity to write for classes.

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