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Tales From the Call Room – Sleeping Pills

A collection of short tales from being on call the last few months


[medaholic] – Hi, this is doctor medaholic returning a page

[Nurse] – Yes. Mr. S has been having difficulties sleeping and would like a sleeping pill.

[medaholic] – I would prefer not to give him any since he came in with a fall and increased confusion. I’ll come by the ward in a bit.


[medaholic] – I just checked Mr. S, he’s pretty sound asleep so I’m not going to write an order for a sleeping pill

[Nurse] – Noooo, you should really wake him up. He seemed really upset and wanted to talk with you

[medaholic] – Hi Mr. S, sorry to wake you up at this hour, is there anything I can do for you?

[Mr. S] – zzzzzz….what…. oh hi there Dr. medaholic, I’m so glad you woke me up. I wanted to tell you that I had difficulty sleeping tonight. Do you think you could give me a sleeping pill to help me get back to sleep now?

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