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Studying In Medical School – A Timely Analysis

Today’s guest post comes from Ryan Nguyen, an osteopathic medical student who blogs at WhiteCoatDO. You can also connect with him on twitter via @RNguyenMed.  “So how much do you really study?” My non-medical friends often wonder where I’ve disappeared to

Thinking About Admission Biases

I have been recently reading Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnmen, the only psychologist to have ever won the Nobel prize in economics for his work in decision making and behavioral economics. Based on over three decades work on

Poor MD – What Every Medical Student and Resident Should Know About Finances

Today I want to do a quick review of an PoorMD‘s eBook  titled First Aid for Personal Finance: What Every Medical Student and Resident Should Know The best thing about this book is it only costs $0.99 and hopefully the

What should you do the Summer Before Starting Medical School

Dear Medaholic, I am starting medical school this fall and was wondering what advice you could give me on how to best prepare for medical school? Sincerely, Medical Student (Year 0, Class of 20XX) How Can You Best Prepare for

Canadian Medical Schools Prerequisites Summary

The single most effective thing you can do to improve your chances of getting into medical school is to  complete the right prerequisites. The more prerequisites you do, the more medical schools you will be eligible for and the greater

No Better Time to Apply Then Now

There was a recent New York Times article on the Surge in U.S. Medical Schools across the country.  If you’ve been following the trends, there has also been a surge in Canadian Medical Schools in the last few years and

A Typical Day in Medical School

Disclaimer: I have not yet begun my clinical rotations so this is just one student’s brief summary on a typical medical school day in the preclinical years. 7:00 AM – My alarm clock rings. I quickly turn it off. 5

Learning to Learn in Med School

Learning in medical school is quite different from learning in a undergraduate setting. The concepts of medicine themselves aren’t that hard to grasp or different from the biochemistry, physiology and general biology in a typical premed course. Simply put, each

Indecisive About Medical School

A friend recently brought up an interesting point of view. He is just about to finish his undergraduate degree in life sciences, he’s done well so far and his GPA shows it. He wrote his MCAT and applied to multiple

What Extracurricular Activities Should I Do?

The typical pre-med day involves studying, getting good grades, making connections with professors, and doing amazing extracurricular activities that will somehow separate you from all the other medical school applicants. This naturally leads to the question, which extracurricular activities will