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Supply and Demand

I just spent the last hour going through the 30+ applicant emails I received for my position of a coblogger. They were some of the hardest emails I have ever had to write.

In summary, there were many more qualified people than there were spots. Almost everyone was talented, ambitious and genuinely interested in helping others. I could see myself working well with many of them. I had to turn down many very qualified people. The decisions weren’t easy. I still have to select a final co-blogger out of the final few. It’s going to be a difficult choice.

I am humbled that so many talented individuals would want to work with me at creating content. I feel blessed and am grateful to my readers.

This whole process reminded me of medical school admissions, a game of supply and demand.

Every year, there are many more talented and caring applicants – many who would make fine physicians – than we have medical school spots. Many of these applicants end up pursuing their careers in the States or internationally (Ireland, Australia, Caribbean). It’s a real shame we can’t admit them all.

To everyone who may have recently been rejected from medical school, sometimes it’s not your fault. You did everything you could and the numbers just didn’t land in your favor.

I hope everyone I had to send a “rejection” email knows I feel the same way.

Note: The image is that of a Nuclear “MIBI” Scan used to assess the supply and demand of the heart

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