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Still Here

Just with nothing to write about… I apologize. I remember when I started this website, I wanted to make it a complete resource for medical school applicants. But then medical school started, and after a while, you sort of just move on to new challenges and things to learn.

I have a lot of thoughts on the MCAT, Interview Process and admissions in general, but I am either (1) bored of writing about the stuff (2) too busy with non-medicine stuff.

I wish I had the motivation to write articles about how to study for the MCAT, but I feel like I would just be rehashing advice given by many other people. I don’t have a particular unique perspective or knowledgeable experience with it, after all, I only wrote the test once.

It’s strange how much a person can change in just two years. My my my, how my goals have changed since.

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