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Second Rate

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have just started YET another summer of research and there’s an awful lot to learn. I have also been doing some traveling here and there and enjoying one of my last summers.

The Waitlist

I know firsthand from talking to my classmates that a lot of medical students that were accepted off the waitlist often feel like they are second-rate students. They weren’t good enough for the first round of selections and they only got in because the school had a quota to fill.

They call this the alternate syndrome.

The Solution

To any applicant accepted off the wailist, let me reiterate and repeat that regardless of your background, degree or ranking by the admissions committee: everyone is starting at the same starting line

Medical school is a brand new start. A clean slate for everyone. If you keep comparing yourself to others and what they have already done, you will miss the picture of what you are about to do! Medical school is an interesting and challenging period and each individual handles it differently.

Some of the best undergraduates end up being below-average medical students while waitlisted students excel. Your past matters only up to a point. When you begin medical school, your efforts and dedication from there on will determine how far you will go.There really is no difference between the 100th ranked student and the 101st who just happens to be on the waitlist.

So if you just got off the waitlist, congratulations! You are going to be a medical student and eventually a doctor. What do you call a medical student that graduated at the bottom of his class? A doctor. Don’t let this alternate syndrome mentality prevent you from trying and being your best.

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  1. Joe
    Joe June 28, 2009

    if i were ever accepted off a waitlist i would be ecstatic… didn’t think anyone would ever look at that with a negative outlook

  2. Perani
    Perani June 28, 2009

    I agree. Just getting IN is enough for me 😀

  3. medaholic
    medaholic June 29, 2009

    Yeah, people who do get off the waitlist are usually ecstatic. But when school rolls around, and they realize all of a sudden everyone in their class is brilliant, it’s easy to think that you’re subpar and not worthy of medical school. I mean why not, the admissions committee says you are ranked below everyone who got a direct acceptance.

  4. Joshua
    Joshua July 6, 2009

    Good post. Not only is some luck/variance involved in the process, but someone being higher up on the list doesn’t mean they are smarter or will be a better physician than you, or anything like that.

    Maybe they are “better at the admissions process” (though by how much is debatable), but that will have limited correlation with anything you might actually care about, such as how good a physician you will be.

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