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Resident Topics

Teaching and mentoring residents is one of the most enjoyable parts of being an attending. I get to meet bright and motivated young doctors, and hopefully help contribute to their medical careers. Thinking back, I realize I am in many ways the sum of my preceptors. From the way I manage certain conditions to my teaching philosophy, I can usually attribute each part to a specific teacher.

One of the things I do regularly is focus on residency topics. What I mean by this, is topics that are pertinent to residents that they may not get elsewhere. The list includes

  1. Wellness
    • How to avoid burnout
    • How I incorporate exercise in my routine
    • Healthy eating habits
  2. How to study during a residency
    1. How to prepare for exams
  3. Physician Finances
    1. Don’t Get a Divorce
    2. Pay Less Tax
  4. Career Development
    1. How to make yourself marketable for a job
    2. How do you build a career.

Granted a lot of these topics I am still learning about. My aim is to pass on what knowledge I have already to my residents. My plan over the next few months is to write about these topics and flush it out a bit more on this site. Hopefully you will find them useful too

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