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Pay Day

Getting my first paycheque as a doctor! (anitakhart)

I finally received my first pay check as a doctor and boy does it feel good!

And before anyone accuses me of doing medicine for the wrong reason, YES – I did it for the money all along. Now I can finally buy myself a big house, fancy cars, a yacht and go on that dream vacation…

Jokes aside, being paid for something that you put so many years into feels pretty great. I never went into medicine for the money, but there’s something to be said about getting compensated for the work you do. Today’s medical graduates take on far more debt than ever. As a doctor, you do not obtain financial security until at least a decade after you start your schooling.

The reason why this first check feels so sweet is because it feels like someone else finally sees the value in the work you do. You are no longer coughing up hundreds of dollars to register for a standardized admission test which requires a summer’s worth of studying. You are no longer spending hours and hours at the library studying whilst handing over tens of thousands of dollars in tuition. Instead of financially giving and giving more, you’re finally getting something back. All those hours spent studying and working on the wards is finally netting some return and I don’t feel guilty at all for being paid for work that I do.

How much a physician should be payed is another discussion altogether. As it stands, as a resident I still get paid less per hour than when I was tutoring in university. But right now I’m just happy to start getting out of the red. I can finally worry less about my finances and focus more on my learning.

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  1. Sura Mehio
    Sura Mehio August 11, 2012

    Hi, I would agree that getting paid for work done is very rewarding. It must be something a person would consider before getting into medicine or anything that requires years of education the amount of the student loans. My dtr is a nurse and it’s just now after 10 years that she is out of debt!

  2. roger
    roger November 2, 2016

    you have just excellent things to say!

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