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Not a Time to Reflect

I’ve been busy the last few months on service heavy rotations. The workdays run long, call nights are hectic and post-call days are spent mostly sleeping. One difference between residency and medical school is the lack of breaks between different rotations. During medical school, your rotations often would switch from busy ones such as internal medicine/general surgery/obsgyn to relatively more relaxed ones like family/psych/emerg. In residency, the daily work soon becomes an endurance marathon.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to reflect on my experiences over the last few months and won’t even have much time during this break. We get a total of 5 days off before we are expected to be back on service post Christmas. After that, it’ll be 1 in 2 call until the hospitals are fully staffed in the new year.

This blog has fallen to a back burner on my priorities unfortunately. Many times I have wanted to write some great posts – advice I would have given my former medical school self in different years, review of the new resources I use now (apps, websites, books), and interesting thoughts about medicine in general. Alas, there hasn’t been any free time to do so.

Hopefully, over the next five days – my first real break since the summer – I’ll have a chance to catch up on some reading and writing. Your time in residency goes by so quickly that you don’t really give much thought ti how crazy it really is. From lessons learned everyday at the bedside to finding satisfaction with the work you do everyday, residency is when you truly learn how to be a doctor.

Finally, I just wanted to thank all the visitors and readers who visit, supporters who follow, this blog wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you. Wishing everyone a safe and festive holiday season and a happy new year!

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  1. Solitary Diner
    Solitary Diner December 21, 2012

    Happy Holidays (whatever you may celebrate, if anything) and enjoy your five days off. Residency is indeed a whirlwind, but hopefully a mostly enjoyable one. Make sure to also take some time over the next five days to just unwind; the 1:2 call over New Years is brutal.

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