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Work has been busy. I’ve been doing all sorts of stuff related with Swine Flu. I haven’t had time to write anything, so instead here are some links to articles I have read recently (big reader of NYTimes anyone?) and also some links to useful study websites. Hopefully this will be stimulating and help with your school work. Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve working on another project for now that’s taking most of my time.

One thing I’ve found is the more I learn about medicine, the more I have to know than just the science, pathology and clinical skills. Medicine is truly an art – a combination of communication skills, leadership, management, negotiation tactics and patient compassion. There’s also many fields that you must be aware of like public health, political advocacy, career-lifestyle challenges and health economics, even if they are not your areas of expertise. It’s challenging but also rewarding.

Health Care

A Doctor by Choice, a Businessman by Necessity

Does More Sleep Make for Better Doctors?

Tweeting From the Operating Room

When Doctors Make Mistakes


Study Hacks by Cal Newport

Student Hacks

Zen Habits

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  1. Jeff
    Jeff July 11, 2009

    Thanks for the links, these articles were really interesting! As I was reading the “when Doctors made mistakes” I was just wondering have you made any mistakes that just made you feel like utter crap on your long pursue for medicine?

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