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How to Pack a Suit for CaRMS Part 2


I’m on the interview trail for my MSM (Medicine Subspecialty Match) for CaRMS. I’m starting to realize… the interviews never end. You just get more specialized and specific with each one. Medical school, residency, fellowship…. then jobs… Nevertheless, I would like to think I got better at packing and travelling over the years, even though I do a lot less of it now. I stumbled upon a great tutorial¬†from Business Insider on how to pack your garments and ¬†keep everything pretty much wrinkle free. I was quite happy with the results. Three years ago, I wrote a post on various ways to pack a suit in a carry on. I think I’m going to use this method for the next little bit. To those who are also on CaRMs travels, good luck. For those who are about to begin (4th year medical students), enjoy the process!

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