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The Beginning

May 15, 2008

Every year, thousands of applicants are accepted into Medical schools in North America on this day. Thousands more will be rejected or waitlisted. I was one of the lucky ones this year. I am starting this blog not only to chronicle my journey through medical school, but also as a reminder of who I was, am and will be in these coming years.

I have chosen the name OpenSourceMD because this concept of “Open Source” (borrowed from Computer Software) encourages input from everyone. Before the advent of the internet, an open source approach to medicine with input from doctors, nurses, patients, students and average citizens would have been impossible. However, these are exciting times we live in and I am optimistic that with your help, together we as a society can learn and approach medicine in a pioneering way. No longer will it be a top-down approach from doctors and pharmaceuticals, but all participants will be able to contribute to create something better. Everyone becomes the Doctor.

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