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Happy 3rd Year!

It’s been 3 years since for this blog and it’s amazing to see how this blog has grown since I started medical school. I’m surprised by how much I’ve changed after reading my old posts.

Thank you to all my readers – I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your support.

Over the last three years, this site has grown steadily. It now receives hundreds of visitors a day from all over the world. Along the way, this website has become self-sufficient with some advertisements and referral programs. I’ve received hundreds of emails too, from questions about medical school to admission advice to success stories. Keep them coming!

The Road Ahead – I intend to keep this blog going as far as I can. I don’t know how the pressures of residency will affect it though. Somethings to look ahead to are:

  • New Format – I’m in the process of finding a new wordpress theme. One that better organizes my posts and makes it easy on the eyes. I will try to get it done soon. I might even end up purchasing a professional one
  • More Posts – I’m planning on writing general posts on high school advice and undergraduate studies. I will be focusing less on admissions and more on medical school life. Admissions is just one part of a medical career, so I think it’s only sensible to write about the other parts too.
  • Organizing Content – There are 172 posts at this time of writing. Some posts are more important than others. I will trying to group them all in categories and tags that are more intuitive and easy to find.
  • Links – there are lots of great resources/other blogs out there, but I haven’t done a good job promoting them. Along with re-organization of content, managing hyperlinks will hopefully make finding great content elsewhere easier.
  • Grand Rounds – I’ll try to host one soon… by the end of this year…hopefully. It’s a bit of a daunting task, but I’ll give it a go when I have time.
  • The 3rd year shortlist – I will go over my thoughts on what I will be applying to this CaRMS cycle, my top and bottom picks for specialties, and reflections on my rotations this year.


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  1. Ophtho Gunna
    Ophtho Gunna July 27, 2011

    Thanks for writing frequently

  2. Joshua
    Joshua July 27, 2011

    Looking forward to the 3rd year shortlist =)

    Congrats on 3 years!

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