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Grand Rounds with Cartoon Doc

Just a quick link back that the Medical Blogging Grand Rounds this week is hosted by Fizzy from Cartoon Doc. Her cartoons are awesome and I’m sure you can relate to them more than you think.

Grand rounds this week is on the topic of medical training, lots of great posts to check out!

If you’re a new visitor: Please feel free to browse around, I write mainly about undergraduate studies, MCAT, med school admissions, medical school life, clerkship experiences and thoughts on education and heallth care. I try to update several times a week, hopefully you’ll come back to check it out!

In other news: Life has been busy in Surgery. I’m trying maintain some semblance of normalcy first before blogging. Lots of posts thought out, not much time to write them. Between waking up at 5am, learning lots during the day and trying to maintain a “normal” life, I still feel quite privileged to have patients trust you and that you can participate in their care. Have been feeling all sorts of weird and wacky organs in the OR as of lately, bringing back fond memories of anatomy lab.

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  1. medrunner
    medrunner July 6, 2011

    Hey med, two quick things…
    1. how does one get involved with grand rounds? do you just submit your own stuff and hope it gets noticed or are you nominated into it?
    2. as tough as it seems, and i’ve been reading a lot of blogs about clerkship and residency… i’m really looking forward to it for the reasons you just mentioned in your post.

    keep it up dude!

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