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Giving It Your Best

I’ve been quite irked at people/humanity lately. I’m not angry with patients, the sick or their family members, more like people that work in the service industry. I’m not sure if it’s burn-out or the fact that I’m giving my clinical work my best effort everyday, but I find it disheartening to find crappy service everywhere.

Whether it’s from waiters with bad attitudes, incompetent police/city employees and apathetic condo management boards, I have been more annoyed than usual. Perhaps I just have more stresses in my life than usual.

In clerkship, I find myself sacrificing a lot of my own personal time, and even basic needs like eating and sleeping, to help others. I’m giving it my all, and as a medical student,  I don’t even get paid. In fact, I pay tuition to work for the hospitals, how absurd! Yet I go to work each day knowing that my attitude and my actions matter. How I present myself reflects my profession. How I communicate to team members and patients makes a difference. In an age where the patient can easily be just another icon on the computer, I strive to still connect with patients and serve them in their best interests.

So getting poor service in restaurants, including being ignored and looked down at, annoys me. Especially when they expect to be tipped 15%

Having people handle your financial/personal matters carelessly even when they are being paid, annoys me. Paid with your future debt.

Having something stolen from you and seeing how selfish and self-serving some people can be, and how little disregard they have for others, makes me lose some faith in humanity.

I can totally sympathize with patients when they are annoyed. Annoyed that they have to wait so long to see someone. Annoyed that they feel like their input doesn’t matter, and that the doctor is always in a rush. Annoyed that no one takes the time to explains things to them. Annoyed that doctors aren’t accomodating and flexible, and are not patient centered. Angry when medical errors occur. Service Matters!

So please forgive my ranting. I just needed to blow off some steam and hopefully start to see the positives in people again. It’s sometimes so hard when you feel like you’re the only one who still gives a damn about doing the right things and doing things right. When you give your best efforts to look after the interests of someone else but find the world doesn’t do the same for you. I just hope I never become a doc who sees so much crap that he just gives up and sees the worst in everyone.

/End Rant

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  1. science girl
    science girl October 5, 2011

    When you know that you’re fulfilling your role to the best of your ability, you end up with peace of mind. That feeling is like no other. Cherish it and be proud of yourself for doing a damn good job!

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