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Getting Back into Programming

I apologize to all the computer geeks out there: I am fully aware that running a website is not considered “real” programming. However, to a lowly medical student like me, reading code is like reading Greek.

I haven’t played around with websites since the dot com bubble burst back in 2000. I remember I used to be pretty decent with computer languages. I remember making web pages with tables and frames and pointless javascripts. But after the bust, I decided I would not go into the field of computers and that I would never try to code again.

My how things have changed. I have a lot to catch up on. CSS, php, MySQL, XHTML, SEO. But I’m enjoying it. I know I still have a certain knack for these things, it’ll just be a matter of time before I’m all caught up and ready to go. If anyone has any good words of advices on how to get better at programming and running a website as a medical student, please let me know.

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