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Clean Hands

Washing your hands. Despite all our knowledge and advances in infectious disease control, there are few things as simple and effective as cleaning your hands between patient encounters. However, lots of people still don’t wash their hands correctly. They might not have the right technique, not spend a long enough time or not do it at all.

I have found, however, a second purpose to washing your hands. On top of it being good infectious control practice, taking the time to wash your hands can be a much needed break when you need it.

Sometimes, it’s during that uninterrupted quiet time that you can recharge yourself. Take that time to clean off all that grime, pen marks and alcohol film on your hands. Take that time to breathe and stretch.

And the best part, no one will say you’re slacking off. In fact, they might think you’re setting a good example.

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  1. Medrunner
    Medrunner August 20, 2011

    Hey med, I like the ideas you’ve got for updating the blog! Keep up the great work and congrats on finishing 3rd year!!! I have a new address for my blog- copyright issues with the name…. Anyways if you want to update your blogroll it’s

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