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Don't Choose a School Based on Prestige

It’s  a common mistake to think that going to the most prestigious university or medical school will lead to greatness. Often when we read the profiles of highly acclaimed scientists and doctors, it seems like an  Ivy League education or a degree at a top school is needed to achieve

The Road to Medical School [Video]

Getting into medical school is tough work. We often get so caught up with the whole rat race and the plethora of hoops to jump through that we forget to look at the humor and comedy involved. I came upon a video put on by the University of Alberta for

Shotgun-Sequencing Learning

Throughout the first half of medical school, my learning style has changed tremendously. When I compare how I studied in undergrad to how I study now, I am quite surprised with the changes. Before medical school, I would go over each concept taught in class thoroughly. I would read over

Premed: More Than Just About Getting into Medical School

One thing I want to talk about, that I think is quite important but often overlooked, is The Goal of Getting into Medical School I know for most of my university readers, this is a goal that is probably near or at the top of their list of things to do.

The Secret to Success

Why do people succeed? How do they do it? Don’t we all want to know the secret to success? Countless numbers of self-help books have tried to discover it. The media always speak of the latest success story. And no matter how old it gets, we still love hearing about

Forgetting What It Means to Be Normal

I can feel the slow changes of medical school in me. Some days I forget what my life was before this journey began. As a premed, I thought I would be different, I would be immune to the challenges and difficulties. I can start to see the long road ahead,

A Break in Routine, A Good Thing

One of the pleasant aspect of holidays is the break from the daily routine. You can sleep in, lounge around in your pajamas, stay out all night, and spend your time in any way you please. Although I do enjoy the rest, I have spent much of my holiday doing

Adcom Advice #5 – Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to giving marks for extracurricular activities , quality wins over quantity. A fruitful summer of research with a publication is better than three summers being a lab assistant/tech. A long term commitment to a volunteer organization with significant responsibilities is better than volunteering at three different hospitals.

Comparing Yourself With Others

It’s application season again. Premeds are looking for summer research positions. Med students are applying for scholarships and grants to fund their education. And medical school admission committees are processing and reviewing hundreds of files. Naturally as a consequence of seeing the profiles of so many talented people, you begin

Studying Can be Fun – Microbiology and Pokemon

Eventually at one point, memorizing large amounts of information becomes tedious. In my current case, studying dozens of infectious diseases can be quite boring. Learning about different bugs and their structural make-up, virulence mechanisms, mode of transmission, clinical presentations, diagnostic methods, treatment and prevention can soon become mindless. A few