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Tis the Admission Season

Amidst the busy third year schedule, I almost forgot that the medical school admission season was well on it’s way. By now, every applicant has submitted their application and they’re all waiting and hoping to land some interviews for the spring. If you’ve put in your hard work (good GPA,

Canadian Medical Schools Prerequisites Summary

The single most effective thing you can do to improve your chances of getting into medical school is to  complete the right prerequisites. The more prerequisites you do, the more medical schools you will be eligible for and the greater your chances will be for an acceptance letter. Attached below

No Better Time to Apply Then Now

There was a recent New York Times article on the Surge in U.S. Medical Schools across the country.  If you’ve been following the trends, there has also been a surge in Canadian Medical Schools in the last few years and the government is pushing hard for new seats in the

Below Average

I was shocked when I realized my first medical school exam marks were below class average. And it still bothers to me when my class marks are below average. Medical school is humbling experience where half of the students,  all who excelled in their undergraduate degree, find themselves below average.

Learning to Learn in Med School

Learning in medical school is quite different from learning in a undergraduate setting. The concepts of medicine themselves aren’t that hard to grasp or different from the biochemistry, physiology and general biology in a typical premed course. Simply put, each individual concept in medicine is easy to understand; connecting all

5 Simple Tips to Start Off the School Year Right

Whether you are just starting university or just beginning medical school, there are simple things every student can do to ensure their school year gets off on the right foot. Most of this advice is generic and old, but despite how many times you have heard it before in the

Why the MCAT is Necessary

A lot of people complain about the MCAT. I know I wasn’t too keen to study for it. I hated grueling through long verbal passages and needing to practice writing “MCAT-styled” essays. But in the back of my mind, I always thought of the MCAT as an essential and important

How to Best Prepare for Medical School

What Should You Do To Prepare Yourself Before Starting Medical School Looking back over my first year of medical school, I can say it has exceeded my expectations. It was life changing. It was exciting. Definitely thought provoking. School was tough and I ended up learning a lot about myself

The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Medical School for You

With medical school decisions coming out, I thought I would share my thoughts on How to Decide which Medical School is Right for You There are 17 medical schools in Canada, 130 in the United States and many more overseas. In order for you to differentiate each school, you should

How to Have a Meaningful Volunteer Experience

There are a lot of reasons to volunteer your time. You can make a positive contribution to your community, help people who need it and learn about yourself and how to serve with others. However, too many people volunteer for the sake of making themselves a more “competitive” applicant. A