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Financial Rule #2 – Pay Less Tax

Your biggest expense as a physician will be paying taxes. Financially, you should try to minimize your taxes paid. I often think about physician finances in an inverse way. Instead of focusing on your specialty and income or compounding returns on investments, I think it’s good to think about what

Financial Rule #1 – Don’t Get Divorced

The number one financial mistake that doctors, and almost everyone, can make is getting a divorce. If you’re not married or in a common-law relationship, please ignore the following post. If you are married, or considering a life-long relationship with someone, this is for you. I know it sounds facetious

Pay Day

I finally received my first pay check as a doctor and boy does it feel good! And before anyone accuses me of doing medicine for the wrong reason, YES – I did it for the money all along. Now I can finally buy myself a big house, fancy cars, a

Poor MD – What Every Medical Student and Resident Should Know About Finances

Today I want to do a quick review of an PoorMD‘s eBook  titled First Aid for Personal Finance: What Every Medical Student and Resident Should Know The best thing about this book is it only costs $0.99 and hopefully the small price you pay will pay for itself in with