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How to Pack a Suit for CaRMS Part 2

I’m on the interview trail for my MSM (Medicine Subspecialty Match) for CaRMS. I’m starting to realize… the interviews never end. You just get more specialized and specific with each one. Medical school, residency, fellowship…. then jobs… Nevertheless, I would like to think I got better at packing and travelling

Residency Subspecialty Shortlist – PGY2

One of the biggest appeals of internal medicine is that it is such a broad specialty. Even within adult medicine, you can choose to sub-specialize or remain a generalist. In Canada, internal medicine residents go through a second CaRMS process called the Medicine Subspecialty Match during PGY3. In Canada, there

Deciding on a CaRMS Residency Rank List

I have been chatting with some friends who are going through CaRMS residency match. They’ve finished interviewing at various programs and now they are in the process of coming up with a Rank List. In short, your rank list is the order of programs where you would like to do

CaRMS Tour – Finding the Right Fit

To all the final year medical students around the country, I wish you all safe travels and great memories during your residency interview tour. Recently, I was talking to a few students who were going through the process. There is always a lot of stress and anxiety involved – What

How to Excel and be a Superstar During Your Clerkship Electives

It’s that time of the year when medical students across the country are doing “audition” medical electives. I still remember my medical electives and how I tried to make a good impression and get a great reference letter. Elective time can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. With

Choosing a Medical Specialty Round Two

Choosing a Medical Specialty in Internal Medicine One good (and bad) thing about choosing a residency in internal medicine is that you have choices. Just like in medical school, I often get asked about what kind of a doctor I would like to be in the future. Preceptors want to

The Successful Match – Book Review

I finally had the time to review The Successful Match – 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match by Dr. Samir P. Desai and Dr. Rajani Katta. One of the biggest stressors of medical school is deciding on a specialty and matching to a residency. If you thought the

A Smorgasbord of CaRMS Tour Advice

A smorgasbord is a type of Scandinavian meal with multiple dishes of various foods. In English, it often refers to a large heterogeneous collection of diverse items. During my CaRMS tour, I got a lot of useful advice from residents and other students. Each fact on its own would not

Match Day

This is it! Today is Match Day. Perhaps the most nerve wracking day of medical school. The day I find out where I will be for the next few years and which residency program has accepted me (or not). Surprisingly, I’m not that nervous. Considering there was nothing I could

The Number One Question I Got Asked at Every Interview

When I was on the CaRMS interview tour there was one question that every program, regardless of specialty or geography, would always ask me. It was a simple question. One that revealed a lot about your personality and character and I believe how you answered this question would could determine