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Clerkship Pearls – Writing a Note Pt 1

Writing a Note As a clinical clerk, you will be writing notes everyday. It could be an admission note, a progress note, a consultation even a discharge summary. Either way, learning how to write a useful note is something that should be done properly. Writing a note isn’t hard, writing

15 Things About Surgery

15 quick thoughts from my Surgery rotation 5 Good Things You can Make a Difference – You (surgery) are the intervention. A chance to cut is a chance to cure. You can heal with cold steel. Operations can make a big difference in patient’s lives immediately. No Need to Dress

25 Tricks to Remembering Names

Being good with names is a skill everyone can benefit from. It makes meeting new friends easier, socializing smoother and people will respect you. As Dale Carnegie puts it, “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” We want doctors to care

Tricks for Waking Up #8

Final tip: Get more sleep! It’s not really a trick or tip but getting more sleep is the real solution to feeling alert in the morning. As a medical student and eventually resident, I’m will have many nights where I won’t have a good night’s sleep. Even now, there are

Tricks for Waking Up #7

You can never trust yourself when you’re half asleep. Tip #7: Leave a reminder for yourself A simple note reminding you of the chores you have to do before you leave the house, or important things happening that day will motivate you to get out of bed. If I have

Tricks for Waking Up #6

Your perception of time is unreliable when you’re half awake. Tip #6: Have a visible clock You can never trust your sense of time when your’e just waking up. How often do you say to yourself, I’ll sleep just five more minutes before you end up sleeping for 30 more

Best Things About Being on Call

Call can be pretty brutal sometimes. Some nights you don’t get to sleep at all and you end up staying awake close to 30 hours by the time you hit the sack. Despite the many downsides, there are some pros about being on call. You get to do more –

The Truth about Medical School Textbooks

I’m going to start a new series of posts called “Top 10” and they will be around various topics/things I wish I had known earlier, or just a random list of top ten things. These are just random thoughts and pearls I wish I could have passed on to my