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Perspective on Applying to Medical School as a Third Year Applicant

Introduction: this post was co-written with one of my long time readers, Spencer, who recently applied to medical school as a third year applicant. He is applying again this year as a fourth year applicant. I have added in some of my own commentary to his hope, and I hope

How to Pack a Suit for CaRMS Part 2

I’m on the interview trail for my MSM (Medicine Subspecialty Match) for CaRMS. I’m starting to realize… the interviews never end. You just get more specialized and specific with each one. Medical school, residency, fellowship…. then jobs… Nevertheless, I would like to think I got better at packing and travelling

The Number One Question I Got Asked at Every Interview

When I was on the CaRMS interview tour there was one question that every program, regardless of specialty or geography, would always ask me. It was a simple question. One that revealed a lot about your personality and character and I believe how you answered this question would could determine

3 Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

On top of knowing your residency application in and out, there are three questions that you must prepare for before all your residency interviews. These three questions require some thought and time. You need to do your research and if you answer too vaguely, you will harm your chances. The

Can You Truly Prepare for Medical School Interviews?

Medical school interviews are not that different from a serious job interview. After all, you are applying to a high-paying, competitive and prestigious profession. Yet, I am shocked whenever I see an applicant who does not want to prepare for their interviews. They give the argument that they do not

Does “Doing Right” Prepare You for Medical School Interviews? – Book Review

Without a doubt, you will be asked ethic questions during your medical school and residency interviews. Schools want to see that you have a basic understanding of the many ethical decisions faced in medicine. A popular resource many medical students swear by and recommend is “Doing Right” by Dr. Philip

A Collection of Medical School and Residency Interview Tips and Advice

Over the next few weeks, I am making it a goal to write down all the interview tips and advice I have gained over the last few years. There are lots of resources out there on how to ace an interview, books, websites, medical students, residents and even personal coaching.

How to Pack and Travel with a Suit

There are very few things you need to bring with you during your medical residency interviews. Your interview clothes – suits (for males), however is the one key thing to bring. I found it interesting during the interview tour to see how people transported their suits without getting it wrinkled.

Helping by Proximity

I was planning to write a nice long “How to Prepare for a Multiple Mini Interview” article to help medical school applicants. Instead, I have used that time to help prepare my friends for their medical school interviews. I find that I don’t have the time or energy to do

The Road to Medical School [Video]

Getting into medical school is tough work. We often get so caught up with the whole rat race and the plethora of hoops to jump through that we forget to look at the humor and comedy involved. I came upon a video put on by the University of Alberta for