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Perspective on Applying to Medical School as a Third Year Applicant

Introduction: this post was co-written with one of my long time readers, Spencer, who recently applied to medical school as a third year applicant. He is applying again this year as a fourth year applicant. I have added in some of my own commentary to his hope, and I hope you find this perspective useful. […]

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Writing Well Counts

Please excuse my lack of writing. I have been studying for my upcoming MCCQE Part II exam – the second part for our Canadian general medical license. However, this time each year, I still take some time out to help friends and acquaintances with medical school applications. Although I no longer know the cutoffs and […]

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Updates on Secondary Applications

Hello? Yeah, no, I’m back here. Behind the figurative pile of application forms. Yeah, under the stack of credit card receipts. There you go. Hi! How are you? Oh, that’s great, so glad to hear it. No, no, things haven’t been too bad. Oh, this? Just a wrist brace. Yeah, doctor says if I keep […]


Supply and Demand

I just spent the last hour going through the 30+ applicant emails I received for my position of a coblogger. They were some of the hardest emails I have ever had to write. In summary, there were many more qualified people than there were spots. Almost everyone was talented, ambitious and genuinely interested in helping […]

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Looking for a CoBlogger for PreMed, MCAT, Med School Topics

As long time readers may know, I am pretty far out from the premed life. It’s been six years since I wrote the MCAT and applied to medical school. I don’t really know what it’s like to be a pre-med today in 2013. I you asked me right now about the MCAT, I can’t give […]

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Med School Admission Strategies – Don’t Get Eliminated

Each year, I help review the hundreds of applications we receive at our medical school. Each year, I’m impressed by so many great applicants. It seems like each class just keeps getting better.¬† So in a pool of hundreds of applicants, many who I have no doubt would make¬† fine doctors, how do we differentiate […]

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Post CaRMS Application Tips

And I’m back! I’ve been busy completing my applications for the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) Having survived the CaRMS 2011 Application Submission Deadline, I was going to share some of the lessons I’ve learned from this stressful experience. Overall, I think I did most things well but could have done many things better. Thankfully, […]

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Helping by Proximity

I was planning to write a nice long “How to Prepare for a Multiple Mini Interview” article to help medical school applicants. Instead, I have used that time to help prepare my friends for their medical school interviews. I find that I don’t have the time or energy to do both. After helping out my […]

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On the Other Side of the Fence

It’s medical school interview season yet again and I remember how nervous I felt preparing for my interviews last year. This year, after helping with the admissions and interviews process, I am glad and relieved to be on the other side. Recently while helping some prospective students practice interview questions, I recalled the anxious and […]

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Adcom Advice #5 – Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to giving marks for extracurricular activities , quality wins over quantity. A fruitful summer of research with a publication is better than three summers being a lab assistant/tech. A long term commitment to a volunteer organization with significant responsibilities is better than volunteering at three different hospitals. The same goes for personal […]