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Case Files Internal Medicine

As some of you may know, I’m hoping to apply to a Internal Medicine residency for Carms next year. I have several electives all lined up in various specialties and different schools. To prepare, I’ve been going over several resources and I would just like to do a quick review of one of my favorite ones:

Case Files Internal Medicine

Case Files Internal Medicine, Third Edition (LANGE Case Files)

A quick summary

A easy read with 60 cases with high-yield information. Each case takes approximately 5-10 minutes to get through and covers all the most essential information you must know. Fun to learn from and very memorable. If you read this thoroughly before your IM rotation, you’ll be one step ahead.


  • Reads easily, cases capture your attention. Simple yet thorough language.
  • Sticks well, able to retain a lot of information through memorable cases.
  • Covers the KEY facts for each topic
  • Good flow charts and tables as supplements
  • Teaches you how to think through a case from start to finish


  • The questions at the end of each case is probably a bit too easy
  • Can get repetitive if you try to sit through and read all the cases in an afternoon. Break it up and read a case or two a day over a month
  • May not provide the depth as a full textbook like Harrison or a resource like UpToDate
  • Missing specifics of treatment (ie dosage, follow up plans, prognosis)


  • Great book to read for IM, especially if you’re just starting out and want to get the basics on common presentations.
  • Best to read early in your clinical years, perhaps just before your IM rotation
  • Will need to supplement with a heavier text after you’ve mastered all the basic knowledge
  • Cheap price tag, good quick reference
  • Easy to read, practical knowledge you can use on the wards

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  1. Joshua
    Joshua March 27, 2011

    Internal Medicine! I had a feeling you’d end up there =) Best of luck with your elective!

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