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CaRMS Roadblock

Sorry, no new posts for a while until I finish my CaRMS applications. The Residency Match process is pretty much the only stressor in your final year of medical school. Now back to those personal letters… it’s sort of like applying to medical school all over again… but with different worries.

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea November 10, 2011

    good luck! 🙂

  2. Pranab
    Pranab November 11, 2011

    All the best… get done quick and come back!

  3. Joshua
    Joshua November 11, 2011

    Best of luck with your applications!

  4. Josh
    Josh November 25, 2011

    Good luck!! I just finished the last of my personal letters and document assignments. (Well, strictly speaking I might do one more letter for a “late” program and hopefully will get one more reference in the works.)

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