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Canadian Medical Schools – MMI vs Traditional Interviews

Sourced from the members on forums is a list of what interview format, whether MMI or traditional interview format, each Canadian Medical School uses for the 2008-2009 cycle.The current trend is to adopt the MMI as the main interview format. All the medical schools in the west have already adopted the new stationed format. However, most of these schools have made their own tweaks and changes to McMaster’s format.

School Name
Interview Style
Additional Comments

Memorial University


2-on-1, closed file

Dalhousie University


Université Laval

Université de Sherbrooke

Université de Montréal


Joint School MMI

McGill University

MMI + Traditional

20 minute traditional interview

University of Ottawa


3-on-1 interview (one med student, one physician, one professional)

Queen’s University


3-on-1 interview

University of Toronto (UofT)


1 Faculty, 1 Student

McMaster University


University of Western Ontario (UWO)


3-on-1 Interview

Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)


University of Manitoba (UofM)


University of Saskatchewan (UofS)


University of Alberta (UofA)


University of Calgary (UofC)


University of British Columbia (UBC)


My prediction is that more schools will adopt the MMI format in the future both in Canada and the States. The MMI has less interviewer bias andhas been shown to be a better indicator of future OSCE performance. However, it will be interesting to see each school will incorporate the MMI with traditional interviews. Especially since traditional interviews help schools to really know the applicants and are able to see if they are good fits.

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  1. rus
    rus August 2, 2009

    im new on this forum….

  2. Verotoxin
    Verotoxin February 4, 2010

    You forgot to include U. of Ottawa in the table: so far (2009) they use a traditional 3-in-1 interview, with one med student, one physician, and one other professional. Rumors indicate they may move to MMI in the future.

    • medaholic
      medaholic February 4, 2010

      Thanks for the update

  3. Karen
    Karen August 13, 2010

    This is what I am looking for. Member in the family is preparing for med school Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate for compiling all the data.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew February 20, 2011

    Queen’s has moved on to MMI as well this year.

  5. stephen @ audio installer
    stephen @ audio installer July 29, 2011

    Most of the school is using MMI nowadays.. A great help for the incoming student and in the institution.

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