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Becoming a Craftsman

I just finished watching this inspiring documentary named Jiro Dreams of Sushi recommended by Daniel Pink. It documents master chef Jiro’s obsession with sushi and how he often makes sushi even in his dreams.

Relating back to residency, the last four months have been a tremendous period of growth for me. In many ways, I too am honing my craft of being a doctor in the next few years. Each day, I am improving my history and physical examination skills. I am learning how to better diagnose and treat diseases. Ultimately and hopefully, I’m providing better care for my patients.

My recent review on Cal Newport’s book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” reiterates this idea that finding success is related to becoming really good at something.  Especially in hospitals where multiple parties are needed to deliver quality healthy care, I am seeing how valuable it is to have a specific set of skills to bring to the table. As a specialist who can offer a procedure or as a generalist who can coordinate complicated care, becoming the best at what you do matters.

So if you have 80 minutes to spare, I highly recommend this excellent documentary. I watched the whole thing free on youtube (watch it before they take it down!). It definitely inspired me to aspire to be a better doctor, to continue reading around my cases and think about how I can care for patients better.

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  1. Steve - MDJourney
    Steve - MDJourney November 5, 2012

    Yes, I had the exact same thoughts reading Cal’s book and watching this documentary! The documentary is also on Netflix instant, at least in the US.

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