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An Anesthesiologist’s Dilemma

Conversation between me and a friend applying to Anesthesiology, while discussing our upcoming CaRMS applications.

Me:    “So you’re not going to miss talking to patients at all?”

Him:    “Not at all, I get to do as much talking as I want pre and post-op”

Me:    “You’re not going to miss having your own patients?”

Him:    “I get patients for each case, I don’t have to worry after they leave the OR”

Me:    “I guess the physiology is pretty cool and the drugs you use are pretty neat”

Him:    “Yeah, plus you learn how to manage really sick patients and do lots of procedures”

Me:    “Is there anything you’re going to miss at all?”

Him:    “Hmmm… I guess I won’t get to wear dress clothes to work anymore… that sucks… I have such nice clothes”

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  1. Josh
    Josh November 3, 2011

    Well, you can still have your “own” patients as an intensivist. Otherwise I’d echo the reduced opportunities to wear non-scrubs.

    • medaholic
      medaholic November 3, 2011

      Took me a while to not think of an echocardiogram when you said “echo.” If you like Anesthesia, I think it’s a great field. Interesting medicine, lots of procedures, hands-on, good “lifestyle.” However, I like to talking to people who are awake 🙁

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