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It’s medical school admissions grading season and as usual, I am amazed by the quality of applicants in this year’s pool. They are all so accomplished and motivated, having done much more than me. I always wonder how they let me sneak into medical school…haha.

Which brings me to the point, sometime’s it’s just the luck of the draw that you didn’t make it in this time. Your accomplishments are not worth anything less, it might just be that this year the adcom wanted a certain type of applicant or whatnot.

Good luck to all the applicants out there!

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  1. Michael
    Michael March 23, 2011

    Do you think Canadian med schools ever accept students without spectacular accomplishments?

    • medaholic
      medaholic March 24, 2011

      Yep, tons of people are quite average. I think having something against you (ie bad grades, bad mcat, poor interview) will lessen your chances much more than NOT having something spectacular.

      Just don’t bomb any part and you’ll have a good chance. Not everyone in my class volunteered in Africa, or started a club, or was the leader of some big organization. Lots of people who just did well in their school, was involved in some activities and did well on their interviews

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