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Agent+ App Review – Billing for Doctors on the Go

One of the contentious topics you don’t learn much about in your transition to staff physician is income and medical billings. At the end of residency, different billing companies and agents often host dinners and info sessions to try to woo you to use their service. It can be quite confusing.

Luckily during my residency I worked with a physician who developed a billing app (Agent+, iOS only) that is intuitively¬†easy to use and caters to the mobile first mentality of new graduates. I currently use Agent+ and think it’s a great product, so I thought a review would be fitting.

The premise is simple: why fill out billing cards to give to your agent when you can get it all done on your phone in real-time. Less hassle, more control of your billings, more earnings for you.


Review of the App


  • Clean interface
  • Security – have your billings on you at all times and never worry about losing your sheets anymore – unless you lose your phone!
  • The Rounds List feature makes billing on recurring patients simple. I can do my billings for 20+ patients in a few minutes.
  • Search makes finding referring physicians, diagnostic codes. and billing codes quick.
  • Real-time billing – instead of having a lag time of going home to input your billings on a computer program or to give your sheets to an agent, you can submit everything through the app and it’s done.
  • 1% fees – the lowest I’ve seen
  • Helpful support staff


  • only on iOS currently, Android users will have to wait for the next release
  • Only for OHIP (Ontario Billings)
  • Minor bugs here and there – particularly with the referring physician list. Occasional crashes. But updates are frequent and they have excellent support.
  • Inputting NEW claims can be a bit smoother. Currently takes about 30-45 seconds, but I can’t see why it can’t be trimmed down to half the time with better design.


Mobile apps will be the way of the future for billings. With a rate of 1%, real-time submission and more consistent with our mobile lifestyle, Agent+ provides a great product that will only improve with time.

I would recommend downloading the app (it’s free) and playing with the interface.

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