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Adcom Advice – Series

I am starting a new series titled: “Adcom Advice.” This year, I am sitting as a student rep in my school’s admission committee. Looking back on my own application, there were so many things I could have done to make my application better. I was lucky to inadvertently avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls. Through this opportunity, I want to give back some of the lessons I have learned. The intent of my posts is to help students put their best foot forward in marketing their strengths. I don’t want anyone to undersell themselves or commit any fatal errors. That is why I am starting this adcom advice blog series.

Disclaimer: I am not planning to leak any private information belonging to any medical school. I will not be revealing any specific school weighting formulas or logistics. I respect the privacy of the admissions process. All examples used in my posts will be fictional, and any resemblance to real-life applicants purely be coincidence.

Advice in my posts will not be anything new… you will have heard this advice frequently from professors, medical students, parents and friends. What I believe I offer is a new perspective to the admissions process. Having recently gone through the system, I understand the challenges and difficulties facing applicants today.

Admission Advice

  1. Adcom Advice #1 – Don’t Lie
  2. Adcom Advice #2 – Be Relevant, Specific and Concise
  3. Adcom Advice #3 – Don’t Make Excuses
  4. Adcom Advice #4 – Grades Come First
  5. Adcom Advice #5 – Quality Over Quantity
  6. Adcom Advice #6 – Quantitative Descriptions Over Qualitative
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  1. Kemper
    Kemper November 23, 2008

    Sounds like a good idea bud! Look forward to reading the series as I continue to work towards my goal.

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