What is medaholic?

I created this blog shortly after I was accepted into medical school. It started as an outlet to write about my my experience with the medical school admission process.

It’s evolved then into a resource for people with an interest in pre-med, studying for the MCAT, medical school admissions, medical school, residency and a career in medicine. Along the way, I try to write down stories and advice that has been passed on to me or things that I have stumbled upon.

Personally, I hope I can reflect on these posts in the future and still find the same ideals and passions I had for medicine as when I first started.

  • You can find a list of useful articles and posts in the archives
  • My recommended list of favorite books
  • I have a section on the MCAT with some resources. Here’s a tutorial to helpĀ self study the MCAT.
  • Patient privacy is protected in all my posts. All stories are fictional and but the experiences are real
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