The Attending Life

I have been teaching a lot of medical students and residents lately as the “attending / staff” physician. It’s hard to remember what it was like ten years ago, when I was an undergraduate student and clueless about the world of medicine. I was naive and green. Optimistic and cautious. I didn’t even know how much I didn’t know. At least now, I know that I don’t know a lot.

A few afternoons, I went over some non-medical  topics that the students and residents really enjoyed, so over the next few months, I will try to find time to write and post them. One, so I have a reference I can use again and again, and second, maybe someone will find it useful too.

They include topics such as

  • Physician Finances – a topic I’ve been reading and learning a lot about
    • The most important rules for financial independence
    • Understanding lifestyle inflation / creep
    • Ways doctors can be smarter with their money
  • Building a Career
    • How to find and get a job successfully
    • Crafting your career into what you want
  • Studying – how to integrate into a busy rotation / residency / practice
    • how to build systems and confidence about your medical knowledge
    • Update on websites / apps / tools I use in my day to day

In other news – Life has been good. New city, new job, great opportunities, growing family. It’s been so fast that I haven’t had time to reflect. I will have to re-read some old posts as I start to revamp and clean up this blog.

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  2. Another new staff says:

    Thanks for this blog, it’s great just seeing how someone else experiences these same rites of passage. I hope it’s still a useful tool for you.

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