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What should you do the Summer Before Starting Medical School

Dear Medaholic, I am starting medical school this fall and was wondering what advice you could give me on how to best prepare for medical school? Sincerely, Medical Student (Year 0, Class of 20XX) How Can You Best Prepare for

The Dreadful Truth

During the school year, my life is often one thing followed by another thing. If it’s not studying, it’s helping someone with their medical school applications. If it’s not volunteering, it’s exercising and playing intramurals. And throughout the year, I

Summer is Here

Finally done school! 3-4 months pursue other hobbies and do anything else other than medicine. Congrats to all the readers who received an acceptance into medical school. Enjoy this last summer before your long journey begins. To everyone who was

On Being a Summer Research Student

Most people who want a competitive edge for getting into medical school will dabble with “research.” . As a summer student the most common feeling I had was being confused and overwhelmed. There are so many things you don’t know,