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How to Learn Medicine in Residency

  Learning during residency is very different from medical school. Medical school is where you are taught the basics of medicine – anatomy, pathology, terminology, physiology and a basic understanding of diagnostics and treatments of diseases. Residency is where you

See One, Do One, Teach One

To learn medicine, they say you need to see it done once, do it yourself once and finally teach someone else how to do it. This has always been the way it was taught. But despite being such a classic

Learning to Learn in Med School

Learning in medical school is quite different from learning in a undergraduate setting. The concepts of medicine themselves aren’t that hard to grasp or different from the biochemistry, physiology and general biology in a typical premed course. Simply put, each

Inadequate, Inspired and Incomplete

It doesn’t take long after I begin to feel comfortable with my schoolwork, clinical science, the study of medicine in general before reality reminds me of the work still to be done. I am humbled again and realize that for

Not Knowing What You Don't Know

I am doing my problem-based-learning (PBL) background research and this picture popped into my head. This diagram represents how we view knowledge and applies to any field of subject, not just medicine. As you study any subject more in-depth, you