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Taking Ownership of Your Patients

In many ways, residency is not too different clerkship. You rotate through different specialties, you try to learn how to take care of patients from your teachers. Sometimes, I feel like I knew more medical knowledge when I was a

Clerkship Pearls – How to Get a Consultation

This is another post in the Clerkship Pearls series for medical students going through clerkship, and today I’ll be discussing How to Effectively Get a Consultation for Your Patient One of the scariest things to do as a clerk is

Clerkship Pearls – How to Present a Patient Case Effectively

Presenting a case is an essential skill every medical student will have to master. In fact, it is one of the few things you can easily do to impress your preceptors and staff doctors. It’s a visible and tangible thing

Clerkship Pearls – Writing a Note Pt 2

In my previous post, I went over the essentials you should include in every note you write as a clinical clerk. Items such as date, time, identification, signatures and writing with dark colors, technique and legibly should always be enforced.

Clerkship Pearls – Writing a Note Pt 1

Writing a Note As a clinical clerk, you will be writing notes everyday. It could be an admission note, a progress note, a consultation even a discharge summary. Either way, learning how to write a useful note is something that

Clerkship Initial Thoughts

It feels pretty good to be out of the classroom. However, I am often completely lost on the wards. Whether that is figuring out who does what, what questions to ask patients, how to order lab tests and write prescriptions,