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The Hundred Hour Week

During residency, there are ebbs and flows to each work week. In a typical 1 in 4 call schedule, you may find yourself working fifty to a hundred hours a week – based on a 8-10 hour workday, and 24-26


You would think being on call for the last two and a half years would make this easier, a little more tolerable. Especially after doing 1 in 4 nights for the last six months, I should be used to it.

Best Things About Being on Call

Call can be pretty brutal sometimes. Some nights you don’t get to sleep at all and you end up staying awake close to 30 hours by the time you hit the sack. Despite the many downsides, there are some pros


Half the battle in clerkship is having the endurance to finish. I just spent my last 30 hours in the hospital. I was on call the night before but our team was short staffed so I worked today too. Some