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Lessons Learned from Premed Research

When I started my pre-med coursework, I asked myself a universal question premed students ask: “Do I really need research experience?” Which, let’s be honest, is not a question that has an easy answer. After all, plenty of students are

The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Medical School for You

With medical school decisions coming out, I thought I would share my thoughts on How to Decide which Medical School is Right for You There are 17 medical schools in Canada, 130 in the United States and many more overseas.

Playing the Admissions Game

I’ve almost forgotten how neurotic premed students can get. The first year of medical school has its own challenges that make you soon forget about last year’s worries. But with the Canadian medical school interview season in full throttle, the

The Sorting Hat of Medical School

It’s always strange to see things from a different perspective. Especially if sitting in front of you is 1 Dean of Medicine 4 Administrative Staff 5 Medical Students 3 Faculty Members 8 Practicing Physicians 1 Dean of Science Dear Readers,

What Extracurricular Activities Should I Do?

The typical pre-med day involves studying, getting good grades, making connections with professors, and doing amazing extracurricular activities that will somehow separate you from all the other medical school applicants. This naturally leads to the question, which extracurricular activities will

No Chance for Med School?

The ultimate pre-med question is what are my chances for med school? We all want to know if we have a fighting chance. We want to make our application as competitive as possible, get the highest grades, destroy the MCAT,