Recharging on Call

I’m on call and my pager has finally decided to quiet down for an hour (fingers crossed).

My phone’s battery life is at 24%.

It’s time for a recharge. I find an outlet to plug in my phone, and for the next while I recharge myself too.

I kick off my shoes, empty my pockets and try to forget that I’ll be in the hospital for another 12 hours. I find something to eat, I stretch. I take a moment to breathe and I try to forget about my electronic leash that is the pager.

I think about the relaxing things I will do tomorrow post-call. I remember to be grateful that I am in this career and although it’s hard work it can also be rewarding.

Battery life 65%

It’s these moments of quietness that can make all the difference on a call shift. It’s a opportunity to slow down after a busy non-stop day. To catch your breath and really reflect on what you’re really doing.

I hope I get some sleep tonight. If I can get at least 3 hours of sleep, I might even be able to stay up post-call and be productive with my daylight hours. Ahhh what I would give to be able to sleep six hours in my own bed every day of the week. As a resident, we have low standards and don’t ask for much.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* – Why must all good things come to an end.

Battery life 81%

I wish I felt 81% refreshed.

(Creative Commons Photo credit: kool_skatkat)

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