Pediatric Oncology

As a first year med student, I don’t know what specialty or residency I want. There’s are too many fields I haven’t fully considered yet. However, after viewing a gallery from one of my favorite picture blogs, The Big Picture, I might not have a big enough heart to go into pediatric oncology. I haven’t ruled it out yet, but it’s just so sad sometimes and I’m not sure if I could not be pessimistic seeing this picture day-in and day-out for twenty years.

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  1. AJs Dad says:

    that’s exactly why you SHOULD go into ped-onc….

  2. aquietgirl says:

    I’m curious what kind of a doctor you saw yourself being. Did you picture yourself working in a hospital, a clinic or in a hut? Has it changed from the (few weeks) that you’ve been exposed to it?

  3. To be honest: I don’t know what kind of a doctor I want to be. That doesn’t mean that I don’t know why I want to be a doctor, I just haven’t figured out what specialty/ setting/ location I want to be in.

  4. Emily says:

    Det kan jeg godt forstå! Sådan har jeg det også med mine flyttekasser. Hm, der er fashionflea og fiesredkenpers. Hold øje med min FB, der skriver jeg om det.

  5. Excellent article Olivier et quel travail !Tu ne dois pas dormir pour travailler sur tous ces sujets !!!Très didactique comme ton livre, plein d’explications avec des graphiques et aussi de superbes photos.Merci.Bon courage.MarcÂ

  6. Att slÃ¥ss mot bokslukarÃ¥ldern, de vill aldrig lämna tillbaka böckerna när de väl fastnat i dem..;) Och det är väl bra,men man känner sig lite fÃ¥nig när man stÃ¥r och trampar lika exalterat i samma bibblokö som tonÃ¥ringarna. “kom igen dÃ¥, ge mig melissa marr” vill man väsa till de däringa. Men de tar en aldrig pÃ¥ allvar, en sÃ¥n gammal tant som jag.

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