Medical School

Good Page Bad Page

Good page: Mrs A. needs a coumadin order. Easy fix. Look at her INR, look at what she’s been getting the last few days, prescribe a dosage and you’re done.

Bad page: Mrs A’s heart rate is 130 bpm and we don’t know why… Her last INR was 5.0

Good page: Can you write a tylenol prn order for Mr. B’s pain?

Bad page: Mr. B isn’t responding, he’s been getting a lot of hydromorphone today…

Good page: Ms. C has some crackles in her lungs but her vitals are normal, can you come and assess?

Bad page: Ms. C is crashing, come here quick!

I don’t mind being paged about minor things such as medication re-orders, filling out paper-work, talking to a family member, etc. Because even though the pages can be minor nuisances, every page that is not a bad page is automaticallya good one.

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