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Although I don’t do any rock climbing, I found this video quite inspiring. It’s crazy to imagine what the human spirit can accomplish. There’s something about setting lofty goals and achieving it. Hope this video adds some motivation to someone out there!

Physician Hypocrisy

In cardiology we know that there are several risk factors for developing cardiac heart disease: (1) Age (2) Gender (3) Family History (4) Hypertension (5) Smoking (6) Hypertension (7) Diabetes (8) Dyslipidemia. Age, Gender and Family History are non-modifiable risk factors, things we cannot change. The rest we can do

Public Health Care Inefficiency

Wanted to post this yesterday, but the server was down. I’m all for voting and all. The results were surprising to me, especially the complete collapse of the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois. But DAAAAAAAAAAMN, lines were long. Elections Canada really has to hire more efficient staff. There were people sitting

The Velluvial Matrix

This commencement speech by Atul Gawande at Stanford has been making it’s way around the internet. I enjoyed reading it and it made me think about my future in medicine. Just a sample below. You come into medicine and science at a time of radical transition. You have met the

Acute on Chronic Disease

As a medical student, high acuity cases initially scare you. Nothing like a patient decompensating on the ward while you are on call to get the adrenaline and anxiety going. Intubations, crashing patients, emergency surgeries, life-saving decisions are all big unknowns to a new medical student. Luckily, as you see

Posting Consistency

I’ve been inspired by my friend Josh over at and his recent challenge for 30 Posts in 30 Days Challenge. Another post on Youtube Success also pointed out the importance of consistency. So in light these recent inspirations, I am committing myself to at least one post a week,

Knowing Something

Matt Might made a illustrated guide to a Ph.D that I saw a couple months back. It very much applies to medicine too. If you’re interested in science, and you haven’t decided between grad school or medical school, go check out his blog. There’s lots of good reads that will

Tricks for Waking Up #6

Your perception of time is unreliable when you’re half awake. Tip #6: Have a visible clock You can never trust your sense of time when your’e just waking up. How often do you say to yourself, I’ll sleep just five more minutes before you end up sleeping for 30 more


Half the battle in clerkship is having the endurance to finish. I just spent my last 30 hours in the hospital. I was on call the night before but our team was short staffed so I worked today too. Some may disagree and say that you should go home once

Young Grasshopper

There is a specific age group of patients I find particularly awkward to see, patients that are the same age as me. I find it strange that they divulge their secrets and personal stories to me as if I’m an authority figure, I’m not. They ask and listen to my