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The Shortlist – Respirology vs Critical Care

I’ve been busy these last few months, and what’s currently pre-occupying me is applying for fellowships. I remember putting together a shortlist of specialties that I wanted to do in 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year medical school, as well as subspecialties of internal medicine in first and second year

When to Stop Resuscitation

Another amazing talk from Cliff Reid ( – inspirational and powerful. Cliff Reid – When Should Resuscitation Stop from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.

100 hours

The Hundred Hour Week

During residency, there are ebbs and flows to each work week. In a typical 1 in 4 call schedule, you may find yourself working fifty to a hundred hours a week – based on a 8-10 hour workday, and 24-26 hour call shift. A light week would be doing a

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And then there was One

I have good and bad news. The good news is Lizzy (co-blogger) had a fruitful year with her medical school applications. She applied broadly, interviewed at over a dozen schools and she received acceptances at multiple medical schools. I couldn’t be happier for her! Regrettably, with her medical career just

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Medaholic Turns Five

Last week, this blog turned five years old. Apart from the 48 hours of downtime I had while migrating servers, there was not much fanfare – no celebration, no new theme, not even a post. Now on my first free Sunday in a month, I have a chance to reflect


On Having Medical Students

The last few months of residency have been a blur. Second year has been as busy as ever and on top of looking after patients, I have medical students to look after now! After being the senior resident with junior residents and medical students, I’ve gained a new perspective on

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Reconnecting with my Goals

Since I normally take classes year-round and have been taking premed prerequisite classes after my bachelor’s degree, July was my first month of no classes in six years! Though I’m still working, this was my first month of completely unstructured time. Turns out, unstructured time is kryptonite to my productivity.


Recharging the Mind and Spirit

It’s almost the end of my PGY1 (Intern) year and senior resident responsibilities loom nearby. Overall it’s been a good year. I got to see a lot of patients and be responsible for their care. Along the way I saw a wide variety of cases and learned to be a


Recharging on Call

I’m on call and my pager has finally decided to quiet down for an hour (fingers crossed). My phone’s battery life is at 24%. It’s time for a recharge. I find an outlet to plug in my phone, and for the next while I recharge myself too. I kick off

The Healer’s Art

Steve McCurry, one of the best photographers in the world, just put together a gallery on The Healer’s Art. Very moving pictures with excellently chosen quotes. Definitely worth checking out. His pictures always remind me of the beauty in our humanity.