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Halfway Done Residency Interviews

Today, marked the midpoint of my residency interviews. It’s been a pretty good CaRMS tour so far. I had many chances to meet up with old friends across different Canadian cities and I have also managed to make sure my wallet has not been bleeding out…too much. There is so

The CaRMS Tour

Starting this weekend, I begin my cross Canada CaRMS tour. It is an understatement to say I am feeling more stressed than usual. 7810 km 10 Residency Programs 6 Cities 2 Specialties (IM, FM) 1 Match (hopefully) I’m pretty happy about the number of programs I have received interviews for.

Post CaRMS Application Tips

And I’m back! I’ve been busy completing my applications for the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) Having survived the CaRMS 2011 Application Submission Deadline, I was going to share some of the lessons I’ve learned from this stressful experience. Overall, I think I did most things well but could have

CaRMS Roadblock

Sorry, no new posts for a while until I finish my CaRMS applications. The Residency Match process is pretty much the only stressor in your final year of medical school. Now back to those personal letters… it’s sort of like applying to medical school all over again… but with different

Poor MD – What Every Medical Student and Resident Should Know About Finances

Today I want to do a quick review of an PoorMD‘s eBook  titled First Aid for Personal Finance: What Every Medical Student and Resident Should Know The best thing about this book is it only costs $0.99 and hopefully the small price you pay will pay for itself in with

An Anesthesiologist’s Dilemma

Conversation between me and a friend applying to Anesthesiology, while discussing our upcoming CaRMS applications. Me:    “So you’re not going to miss talking to patients at all?” Him:    “Not at all, I get to do as much talking as I want pre and post-op” Me:    “You’re not going to